Regina and Lucky's owner

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Upland, CA to Virginia Beach, VA

He was awesome! Got my kitties here safely! Couldnt ask for a nicer guy and he was very proffessional too 

Amanda Nichole

Nico and Mica are professional and absolutly great at what they do. They worked with me to find the most efficient way for both sides. Great first time experience with transporting my fur baby. 

Casey's Breeder

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Houston, TX to York, PA

Kongmong Vang

Puppy's Owner

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Sacramento, CA to Green Bay, WI

I would recommend Nico & Micaela transport. Very reliable and reasonable. Thank you Nico & Micaela

Big thank you to Nico.Mica Transport for bringing us the kittens from Virginia to San Fransico! Real patient when explaining me the process and dealing with little situations that happened during the trip. Good luck with your career

Nicole Jin

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Customer of SurMichaelBirman

Roanoke, VA to San

Fransico, CA


Perry Jr. Earl

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Orange, TX to Baton Rouge, LA


Nico & Mica are amazing, I can't thank them enough for such amazing care they provided to my puppy Aurora while she traveled to here forever home. I had never used a flight nanny service before and was very nervous but they made the process so easy and stress free. Nico was very friendly and took such good care of Aurora and sent pictures through out the trip. You can tell the love pets and treat them as if they were their own! I would highly recommend using their services and I will be using them again if I need more puppies to travel!

 Aurora's Breeder

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Rapid City, SD to Somerset, NJ

Thanks again for the A1 service of Nico&Mica flight nanny, they was fast and on time!

Travis Howell

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Sacramento, CA to Baltimore, MD

Karen Skaggs

Nico and Mica were caring helpful and understanding and had the patients of Jobe. THANK you for getting my puppy to me.

Ivan's Owner

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New York, NY to Oklahoma City, OK

Overall it was an awful Experience. They were very nice but it took many extra days to receive my cat. They kept telling me that the flights were getting delayed and cancelled, which happens, but shouldn’t happen on every single flight. Nico texted me an update but called me by the wrong name, which I felt was very unprofessional. The communication wasn’t very good. But my cat seemed like he liked Nico and he was treated well. This might have been a fluke experience but I wouldn’t suggest anyone to use them.

Taylor Morana 

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Reno, NV to Glen Burnie, MD

We have apologized for the inconvenience of travel during a busy weekend. Unfortunately there was only so much we can do when it comes to planes. We made sure your kitty was safe and loved so he wouldn’t be scared. We also offered a discount which was ignored. We make sure every customer is informed of the possibility of delays and cancellations since flight changes are always unexpected. We pride ourselves on communication and care. As for your name, we had saved the name in our contacts incorrectly and quickly realized and apologized. The lack of communication I believe was a misunderstanding. When on the plane, communication is not an option. We sent photos of the ticket and mentioned the time we would get there when there was finally a secured slot. However, once one is seated, communication is halted until landing 

Rachel Stevko

Friendly and great service!!! Thank you for delivering my kittie!

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Orlando, FL to Long Island, NY

Very professional love them

Dunn Keke

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Oakland, CA


I am extremely satisfied with the transportation of my pitbull Casper from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. I was little worried him flying in the cabin on the plane but they sent me pictures he was very comfortable sleeping on his own seat. They were very responsive with any questions I had leading up to the transportation and were very good about updating me with pictures and the status of travel during trip. My dog arrived happy and healthy. I would definitely recommend Nico & mica to anyone looking to transport a pet.

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Los Angeles, CA to Dublin, PA

They transported my temperamental call with ease. Not an easy thing to do. I would recommend their service.


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Washington DC to

San Francisco, CA


This is the first time I’ve ever worked with a transporter to fly my 2 kitties. I was a bit worried but my experience was actually very smooth. Nico and Mica were very friendly and communicated well throughout the entire process. I did ask a lot of questions which I highly recommend (Ie. Health certificate, what to put on the certificate, flight info, dates etc). I strongly recommend working with them. We met up at the airport (took 5 mins) and the kitties safely landed in Iowa after a long flight. They are doing great

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Los Angeles, CA to Des Moines, IA

Great experience. Easy to coordinate the transport. Professional and courteous throughout. Arrived on time. And most importantly our cat got their in one piece!


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Chicago, IL to San Francisco, CA

Light Reflection
Mary Lynn Painter

Best service for my Painters Precious Poodles I could ask for! Courteous,professional and worth every penny. Far better option than ground transport or cargo! #1 company all the way !

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Owner of Painter's Precious Poodles

Sioux Falls, SD to Bloomfield, NJ

Best experience I could of hoped for. They got my puppy from California to Boston , updated us with pictures and videos along the way. True professionals with a clear passion for animals. 10/10 . Thank you both !

Mike Bosma

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San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA

Gemille Walker

Absolutely ECSTATIC with Nico and Mica!! They were able to pick up my pup from California with LESS THAN 24 HR NOTICE. They were incredibly flexible, kept me updated the entire trip, and safely delivered my pup to south GA! They made the process easy from the start and showed so much love to my pup Sansa. By the end of the trip, it was obvious she loved and trusted them too. I could not be happier with their service, price, and everything! They did NOT ask for this review but after receiving many other offers and seeing many other services, I promise you this is the one you want. THANK YOU NICO AND MICA <3

 Sansa's Owner

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Vallejo, CA to Allenhurst, GA

I sent three puppies with them and they got there safe and very wel taken of I would'nt use anyone else after this experience.


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Owner of ExquisiteBullys

Charlotte, NC to Alburquerque, NM and Ontario, CA


Shoutout to Nico&Mica Transport. I Highly recommend them to fly with my dogs and fast service! 

Ugly Betty's Breeder

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Sacramento, CA to Baltimore, MD

Nico transported our kitty Quinn. We were kept updated with pictures and even a video! Would definitely recommend. It was clear that Nico genuinely cared for our pet as if he were his own. I think Quinn actually missed him after he was delivered.


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San Francisco, CA to Fort Wayne, IN


Nico and Mica transport is by far the most gentle and loving type of people you would want to take care of your pets especially when traveling! They transported this little guy from San Diego to PA and kept me updated the whole time with pictures and videos, and even kept him overnight for me until I could pick him up. Micaela is fantastic and quick at responding with not only the adopter but also the rescue to make sure everyone is on the same page. This was my first experience ever adopting a dog from across country and it couldn’t have been better thanks to these two. Thank you so much guys for bringing this little man to me, and his forever home! I will forever rant, rave, and recommend your transport and true hospitality. I appreciate you!!

Gnarly's Owner

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San Diego, CA to Allentown, PA

Thank you so much Nico and Mica for taking wonderful care of my winter on her first trip on a plane. Can’t say it enough you guys are amazing and so thankful for your services!!!!! 😊💗😁


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Nashville, TN to Seattle, WA

Joe Asenato

Mica and nico were awsume transported a newly purchased puppy from Portland to chicago i cant recommend them enough great people

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Portland, OR to Chicago, IL

Delivered thanks to @nico.micatransport, if you need a pup delivered i highly recommend them super fast great service and super friendly. Thanks again guys!!!!!! Congrats to the new owner......Thank you guys so much for the quick an amazing service. We will be using you guys for all our pet nanny needs. You guys are the best 🙌🙌🙌🙌


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San Fransisco, CA to Columbus, OH

White Washed Wood
Andrea Giovino

Thank you so much for delivering this big mush to me. From An LA beach dog. Now he’s my country companion. Casper will have a wonderful life with me.....I’m so grateful these people got Casper safe and sound and kept me updated. Nothing but the best. Thank you again @nico.micatransport❤️❤️❤️

(reviewed on Instagram)

Los Angeles, CA to Dublin, PA

I’m a German Shepherd breeder and trainer and have used many transporters in the past, I never left a review before.Nico and Mica have been the best, most professional and reliable out of all of them. They were very accommodating, kept me updated and delivered surprisingly fast. I will definitely be using them again, and highly recommend them. I’m so happy and relieved that I found them. Thank you guys!


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 Los Angeles, CA to

Boston, MA

Tropical Leaves

My pup Jojo could not have been in better hands !!!! Nico & Mica were absolutely incredible. From the minute I booked my toy poodles trip from FL to CA Mica was in constant communication with me. She was so kind, trustworthy, and sincere. As soon as Jojo was placed in Nico’s hands up until she was safely in mine Nico gave me text updates WITH ADORABLE PICTURES! Jojo slept in Nico’s arms the entire plane journey and loved traveling with him. I am so thankful to have found Nico & Mica to bring my baby across the country. I will for sure be hiring them in the future :)

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Fort Lauderdale, FL to San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Nico & Mica Transport to anyone in need of a pet moving service. They met all of my needs as a consumer and went above and beyond to take care of my two cats. I was highly impressed with the level of care my cats received during the process which included a layover in between flights. I was initially worried about using the service as I had no idea what to expect, but Nico & Mica quickly calmed my nerves. They kept in regular contact with me through phone/text, sent me pics of my cats along the trip, and gave me status updates along the way. One of my cats has a "Diva like" personality and I was worried that she would be too much for someone else to handle. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that N&M were able to handle her with no issues whatsoever. I will definitely do business with Nico & Mica again and once again I highly recommend using their service. I am already recommending them to family and friends.


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Saginaw, MI to Morrisville, NC

Micaela is sooo good with my Kelloggs. I don't know how she does it. He is overwhelming to most and a few places told me they dont want him back there. But she is amazing with him. She took him on many long walks even when it was cold out and he came back happy and tired after a great day. I was of course a repeat customer and will continue to be. She was just so great!

Lindsay L.

Kellogg's owner

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Newark, NJ

Destiny Gordon

I HIGHLY recommend Nico & Mica Transport. I was kept updated the entire time, very friendly, and trustworthy. They took such good care of my 2 and i'm very grateful to have came across their services. I am more than happy with how everything went. They are great and your fur babies will be in in good hands. 

Tiara & Daniel's Owner

(reviewed on Facebook)

Fort Meyers. FL to Las Vegas, NV

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received for the transport of our lil puppy. N&M traveled, by air, from Chicago to Denver with our 8 week old American Bully. Nico was so friendly to us and so caring with our boy. He held the puppy on the flight and was again holding him as we pulled up (curbside even) to grab our pup. Very minimal crating. Our puppy was loved and cared for the entire trip! Always a quick reply to any messages sent to them via Instagram or Facebook! Super kind and excellent communication from the very first message being sent. I couldn’t be more thankful for this service. I highly recommend Nico & Mica to deliver your pets all day everyday.

Drew Morrill

Puppy's Owner

(reviewed on Facebook)

Chicago, IL to Denver, CO


Nico & Mica were amazing! They transported my silver lab puppy from MN to ME... They’re extremely on top of keeping you in the loop with the whereabouts in travel they are with your pup and very understanding when you ask lots of questions! I’d use them again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Nico. & Mica ❤️

Silver Lab's Owner

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Rochester, MN to Boston, MA

Nico & mica was very good with there services they kept me updated with my new French bulldog puppy and they kept in contact by sending pictures showing me the pup was ok. On top of that everything was on time. When my pup have puppies someday and need to be shipped I will be using Nico & mica again... very professional thank you so much y’all make a great team???


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Sacramento, CA to Woodbridge, VA

Joseph David Franklin

Thank you Nico and Mica. Getting Dirt home was a big responsibility on both ends and I'm very happy that he made it safe and sound. Thank you for transporting him on short notice and making the process smooth and easy for Dirt, myself and my family. You two do amazing work!

Dirt's owner

(reviewed on Instagram)

Burbank, CA to Cleveland, OH

Absolutely fantastic travel partners for your pet. Took great care of my grandsons cat who had to come back home. The cat that is. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness.

Theresa Howieson 

(reviewed on Facebook)

Burbank, CA to Cleveland, OH

Luisa Victoria Frizzi 

Nico and Mica were amazing at communicating and the whole delivery process of my new fur baby was seamless !! Highly recommend them. They took my puppy from San Diego to Boston for a very reasonable price and were able to accommodate me very quickly.

(reviewed on Facebook)

San Diego, CA to Boston, MA

Very professional ,very accurate right on time ,extremely reliable. would highly recommend using them every time .Really appreciated the communication and the updates on our little princess...

Gail Hobbs

(reviewed on Facebook)

San Fransisco, CA to Oklahoma City, OK