This 9 ft one-sided, transparent sticky tape provides a way to protect your furniture from pet scratches without destroying the furniture surface.

Anti Scratch Tape

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  • The tape can be bonded to most surfaces such as suede, leather, artificial leather, dyed wood vinyl plastics, and bricks.

    It is easy and flexible to use and it is long enough. You can DIY to protect your sofa, doors, stairs, car seats and other surfaces.

     It uses a durable silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, safe for pets, and harmless to the surface for furniture.

    Length: 300cm = 9.1ft 


- Maintain appropriate distance between you and the transporter

- Wash your new pet with mild soap before introducing them to your home 

- Stay in your car with an appropriate mask covering your nose until it is time for the exchange

- Avoid touching your eyes and mouth until you disinfect with hand sanitizer or soap

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