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We Ship your Furry Friends anywhere around the U.S. via Air

In order to fly with your furry friends, a few things must be met first.


A signed and dated Certificate of Health for each pet must be provided by a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days before the shipment. We ask for a scanned copy for our records 24 hours prior.*

Proof of vaccination, specifically the rabies vaccine. Pets under 3 months or 12 weeks of age are not required to have all the shots since they are too young to receive them. 

A standard Liability Release Waiver must be signed at least 24 hours prior to the pet(s) coming into our possession. Electronic signatures are accepted as long as the form is legible. 

Last but not least, the pet(s) must fit comfortably inside the airline approved soft sided 18x12x12 carrier. Further verification may be needed.**

*Specific Dog Breeds need specific clearance, please refer to the link below for specifics.

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Moving cross country? Purchasing a pet from a breeder?


Whatever the case may be, we want to provide the best quality service we can. This includes making specific arrangments to fit your needs.

Ask about:

Multiple pet shipment plans

Door to door service plan

Specific feeding or medication plans

Overnight boarding plan

Pet Sitting plans

Grooming plans​

Did you need a service that is not listed? Contact us and we will tailor a plan specific to you and your pet(s).

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We drive so you don't have to

How it works
We offer ground transportation for a select few.

Cross Country, across state lines or even from the airport straight to your door. We try to accommodate your pet(s) and your needs.

Sometimes, distance, work, and/or lack of transport can prevent you from picking up or dropping off at airports. All you need to do is let us know prior to booking so we can make adequate adjustments and arrangements.


Some pets are not allowed on a plane in cabin. Whether they have a condition, get too anxious, or you have many pets to ship at once. What ever the case may be, we can ship them through our ground shipment program.

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We do more than Just Transport!

Doggie Day Care

 We make planning easy by providing FREE pet sitting when you book with us.

Being just 15 minutes away from one of the largest international airports, flexible shipping is our specialty. We are trained and experienced to care for any kind of pet, such as pet's who require medication, etc. 

If you're not in need of transport but you do need a pet service, we provide these mentioned below;


Overnight in my home: $50 per night 

Additional Pet: $20 extra per night

Pick up and Drop off: $10 roundtrip 

Check up's

30 minutes: $25 per visit

60 minutes: $40 per visit

Additional Pet: $10 extra per visit

Day Care 

9am-5pm: $35 per day

Past 5pm: $15 an hour

Past 8pm: Refer to Boarding

Additional Pet: $25 extra per day

Past 5pm: $5 extra per hour

Pick up and Drop off: $15 roundtrip 

Dog Walking

30 minutes: $25 per dog

60 minutes: $40 per dog 

*Rates may change based on Circumstance and Holidays

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Sometimes your pets get dirty!

It's only natural when you're in an airport all day or have been rolling around in my backyard when we petsit. Some pets get motion sickness or aren't potty trained. This is usually when we recommend grooming.


We have the following packages:

Professional pet grooming which includes bath, dry, brush, nail trim, and any additional requests done by a professional groomer $TBD

Simple bath and towel dry for a flat rate of $10

Nail trim for $5 a pet

Wet Cat